Monday, October 11, 2010

MIA- sorry!

I just moved from Chicago to the suburbs. It was a nice move- I miss the atmosphere and freedom of the city, but I love the openness and ability to breathe (mentally and physically, I suppose!) of the suburbs. However, my updating on this blog needs to improve! My internet access is shoddy; we haven't set up any extras at home yet (cable, internet, etc.), so I either have to go to a coffee shop or Panera to use the internet, or I use it at work, which limits my availability to blogging, social networking sites, posting stuff. =) Sometimes I'm able to steal WiFi from a neighbor, but it's a really weak signal, if it's there at all, so...yeah. Not so helpful. When I get internet back at home, I should be less MIA and more productive. I've definitely got a lot written, but I need to post it! One chapter at a time, one day at a time. If anyone's still following this blog...soon, my dears, soon. =)